Build and Grow a Successful Private Practice

Learn how to grow and market your private practice utilizing your strengths. You’re an excellent therapist and entrepreneur but desire a less generic and more focused approach for your business. You can apply and transfer your preferences, knowledge, skills and abilities to building your practice to the level your desire. This group will provide you with simple and effective strategies for enhancing and maintaining a thriving private practice.

The group will be led by Ann Starr MSW, SHRM-SCP. Ann is an accomplished executive coach and consultant with more than three decades of entrepreneurship, counseling, human resources, management consulting and leadership coaching experience. Ann’s career in Human Resources in both the private sector, with Motorola and Dell, as well as the public and non-profit sector, with Alliance Work Partners, has emphasized organizational transformation and leadership development. Ann has built and sold her own businesses. In each of these, sales and marketing was a major component that Ann was able to build successfully, resulting in significant sales with at least 100% Yr/Yr revenue growth. After all, nothing succeeds without marketing and sales!

The ten-week group will provide a structured, methodology that is specifically designed for practitioners who want to learn how to effectively develop a business model for a successful practice. Ann will foster a learning environment where you will have ample opportunities to try approaches that will assist you in building and growing a flourishing practice. Once you join the group, you will have access to an assessment (included in price) that will provide data about your priorities and preferences. The assessment will help you learn how to build your practice utilizing your strengths. In the weekly sessions you will discover how technology can assist you in your marketing efforts. The approach used will be from an abundance mindset, meaning Ann believes there are enough resources and success to share with others. Your successes will be celebrated, and we will all collaborate with one another so no one fails. In addition, we will explore the phases of marketing as they apply specifically to building and growing your practice, including how to:


  • Determine who to market your practice to (target market)
  • Design your messages that you will use to engage your target market
  • Explore and determine the best media you will use to reach your target market


  • Develop a system that will help you decide how to get referrals (leads)
  • Nurture your leads so they keep referring to you
  • Define how to stand out with referrals so that they become your loyal and reliable ambassador (sales conversion strategy)


  • Deliver the best services so that you get repeat referrals
  • Increase the value of the relationship with clients
  • Continue to orchestrate and stimulate referrals

Fees: $50 per 90-minute group session and $75 for individual coaching if desired.
Group will be limited to 10 participants.

The 10-week series will be conducted at Plumeria Counseling Center 2501 W. William Cannon Drive Austin Texas 78745. For more information on the next series or questions. Call Ann 512-413-2266 or email


Plumeria Counseling Center 2501 West William Cannon Drive Austin, Texas 78745
Austin, Tx 78745
(512) 413-2266

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