New Beginnings

You’re much like me.  You’ve worked in teams and been a leader in a variety of settings.  You might be new to leadership or are considering a change.  In today’s fast paced world, we’re all striving for more.  If we aren’t, then we’re getting swamped by those around us who are more ambitious and focused.  More doesn’t mean more money status or acclamation, it means more meaning, by achieving the results you aspire to realize.

Before we can achieve the meaningful life we desire, we have to accomplish goals.  But oftentimes, the goals we have are those that have been set by others.  We’re a passive participant in what others have determined success to be. To get started, we need to find out more about our strengths and how to maximize them.

Here are some of the goals you might be striving to achieve:

  • Develop a more effective leadership style or manner
  • improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • Speed up personal development
  • Develop “superstar” team members
  • Manage “difficult” people
  • Find that elusive work / life balance
  • Expedite priority setting and time management
  • Enhance presentation and networking skills
  • Engage in career development & planning
  • Learn how to have crucial conversations
  • Deal with conflict and learn productive conflict-management skills
  • Learn how to manage upwards
  • Recognize and implement effective staff development
  • Strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being

I’ve recently embarked on a similar journey.  I’ve done it all and had it all in some sense.  There hasn’t been any experience whether arduous or comfortable where I haven’t felt, upon reflection, that I was much better for the experience.  It’s when I’ve been poised on the precipice of exploration that I’ve hesitated and needed support and guidance. Does that resonate with you?

There are times along our journey where having support can make all the difference. Living in our fast-paced world, internal and external challenges can lead us to feel stuck and confused about how to move forward in our lives. We can feel a loss of connection to ourselves. These feelings can serve as a way of getting our attention that signal the need for growth, new understanding or a shift in perspective.

From a place of gentleness and compassionate listening, I will seek to understand the hopes and wishes you have for you. I will partner with you to clear obstacles, develop new tools, and welcome new insights that will lead to personal growth, greater meaning and joy in your life.
​Let’s take that first step. Look at the list above and check off at least three goals that resonate with you.  If you con’t see at least three, then create your own list and give me a call 512-413-2266, send me an email or post a comment below.

If you post below, make sure you let me know how to reach you. Our first session will be complimentary and is an opportunity for us to determine if we’re a good match for this life changing experience. We can also have our first conversation about how to achieve the future that you’ve been hoping to create for yourself.

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